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from our defense budget. i'll talk to william cohen. plus confessions of a middle class cab driver. he would be back on the road to prosperity if he could just find the on ramp. i'm ali velshi. a and this is "real money." >> this is real money. you are the most important part of the show. join our life conversation for the next half hour on twitter at aj real money, at facebook. d-plus. that's your grade, america. i'm talking about our roads, railways, communications and more. collectively infrastructure in america gets nothing better than a d-plus grade on a report card put out by the american society of civil engineers. not only are we not doing enough to modernize our public infrastructure, we're barely maintaining what we have running right now. once upon time the american infrastructure was the envy of the world. now we're falling behind the rest of the world. eventually vice president biden slammed laguardia airport as being, quote, too third world after seeing the sleek airport in hong kong. nobody told the vice president that we don't say third world any more. president obama i
the troops are local self defense you wants opposed to last week's jousting of ukraine's popularly elected president. diplomats from europe, the united states and russia have met separately in paris today to try to defuse the worst crisis on the continent since the cold war. the key sticking point is russia's refusal to recognize the new interim government in ukraine which seized power after months of sometimes violent protests in kiev and other cities. in the meantime the west has firmly thrown its support behind the new ukrainian government. the european union announced an aid package of $15 billion to ukraine. that is designed to make up for a russian package of about the same amount that had been forthcoming until the events of last week. now that announcement comes a day after secretary of state john kerry promised $1 billion in loan guarantees from the united states to try to offset the loss discounts on natural gas that ukraine has been getting from russia until this all happened. now all of this underlines the deep economic mess that ukraine is in. the new interim government said i
defense minister' del sisi he's widely expected to run for president this years a live look at preparations for the 86th annual academy a wards in los angeles. in just a couple of hours fans and stars will be arriving there for hollywood's biggest night. talk show hold ellen degeneres is hosting. favorites including american hustle, graph reu and 12 years a slave. those are the headlines think i am jonathan betz i will be back in an hour with more news, but up next the documentary toughest place taxi driver starts now for updates all day go to al jazerra doll come. have a good day. taxi driver to join the taxi wallahs in the indian megacity of mumbai. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. big bus, big bus, big bus. what have i got myself into here, eh? >> he'll have to come to grips with some unusual driving conditions... >> jesus. >> too much problem if you are
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)